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July 18, 2016

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I recently received a copy of Eebee’s Adventures: All in a Day’s Play. If you are an avid reader of the Mom Buzz, you probably already know who Eebee is! Pretty much, Eebee is an adorable puppet character with crazy noodle hair that interacts with a real woman. He has a limited vocabulary, like a real baby and/or toddler.

Eebee’s Adventures: All in a Day’s Play is for ages 6 months and up and is a winner of a Parent’s Choice Award! The DVD is 75 minutes long and includes a play-by-play guide and a developmental perspective. This helps parents understand what their little ones may be thinking and why they act the way they do.

This DVD differs than the other one I reviewed, because Eebee is “younger”. In the DVD he experiences playing with different textures of material (aka Laundry). He played with different shaped toys, putting them in and out of a basket. He also learns to anticipate outcomes and take turns.

Eebee and the woman do a lot of reading. It shows how you don’t have to read a book straight through – but you can help your child discover different things every time it is read. I love the book they “made”, which was a book about Eebee and then close-ups of his hair, eyes, nose, etc. I want to make one with my son! And what’s cool is that first they explore the body parts, but then they elaborate on his crazy hair, and then when they read again they find even more things to talk about – all with the same book. So it makes you think, when you read your child’s favorite book you don’t have to stick to the words on the page. Bring out colors, numbers, feelings and thoughts. It’s a way cool idea!

Finally, they show how little objects can bring about BIG IDEAS! Eebee and the children experimented with different objects to create their own kind of music and rhythms. You saw other children jump right in, shaking rattles and banging blocks! It was a lot of fun.

Another scene I liked was when they played “elevator”, since I do something similar with my own kids. It’s also a good exercise. You simply lay on your back and lift your child up and down, saying cute things like, “Elevator up!” and you kiss them when they go back down.

As usual, my kids loved the DVD. For example, there was a scene where the woman would pretend to sleep and wake up. After we watched, my three year old started to do the same thing, making my one year old giggle! And funny enough, I was folding laundry when we were watching this DVD. So my 1-year old took my basket and started putting things in and out, just like on the DVD. Eventually he put himself in a basket, which was cute. It’s amazing what the kids take away from this DVD!

And that’s the whole point of Eebee’s Adventures! You watch, but you don’t use it as a means to distract your child. Instead, you watch, learn and then PLAY with your child! That’s why the DVD extras really rock and you should make a point to watch them too! So if you are looking for new activities or wondering what you should do with your child every day – this DVD is a great starting point for inspiration!

I tried to find a clip from the video, but failed. Sorry. But I did find this ADORABLE clip from a different video. It gives you an idea of what Eebee is about!

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