Editors' review

October 25, 2016

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 (kăv′əl-kād′, kăv′əl-kād′)

1. A procession of riders or horse-drawn carriages.

2. A ceremonial procession or display.

3. A succession or series: starred in a cavalcade of Broadway hits.

[French, from Old French, from Old Italian cavalcata, from cavalcare, to ride on horseback, from Medieval Latin caballicāre, from Latin caballus, horse.]



1. a procession of people on horseback, in cars, etc

2. any procession: a cavalcade of guests.

[C16: from French, from Italian cavalcata, from cavalcare to ride on horseback, from Late Latin caballicāre, from caballus horse]


(ˌkæv əlˈkeɪd, ˈkæv əlˌkeɪd)


1. a procession of persons riding on horses, in carriages or cars, etc.

2. any procession.

3. any noteworthy series, as of events or activities.

[1585–95; < Middle French < early Italian cavalcata horseback raid < Late Latin caballicāre]


 a procession of persons on horseback; a procession or parade of carriages.

Examples: cavalcade of carriages; of devils, 1709; of horsemen; of songs; of sewarry [Indian mounted troops], 1616.