Peaked-Roof Ventilation

Editors' review

August 26, 2016

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Peaked-Roof Ventilation (DVD)
By Bob Pressler, Lieutenant (Ret.), Fire Department of New York
  • Displays Tools and Safe Roof Positioning
  • Identifies Hazards and Signs of Roof Weaknesses
  • Includes Live Footage to Illustrate Procedures

The first video in this new series describes the basic approach to operating on a peaked-roof and conducting ventilation operations safely and efficiently. Firefighter Pressler discusses roof styles often encountered by fire personnel, equipment needs, roof access, and types of cuts required for successful ventilation. Fireground safety procedures are constantly addressed, along with proper tool use and roof movement. An ideal video for departmental training drills, basic firefighter training curriculum, refresher courses, and video libraries.
17 minutes/1995
NOTE: All DVD's are non-refundable.