Nevada Smith

Editors' review

September 15, 2016

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Good bar, horrible bouncer – Bar is good however the fat bald surly bouncer that works on Saturday nights has an attitude problem.

This past Saturday, I walked in w/o anyone asking me for ID, no one was at the door. I was meeting a friend there so I wasn't talking to anybody and was by myself watching TV at the bar in the interim. A few minutes later after I ordered my first drink this fat surly bald man asked me for my id and I was told to step away from the bar and go back near the front door to show him my ID. Kind of weird but here look I'm born in 1975 do what you need to do.

My friends show up all is OK, after about an hour we decide to leave, on the way out the bald fat surly bouncer stands between me and the front door preventing me from leaving. I said excuse me,what's the problem, he was preventing me from leaving accusing me of trying to avoid him when I walked in an hour ago, being extremely confrontational and ready for a fight.

According to the fat bald surly bouncer I avoided him on the way in the bar so I didn't have to show my ID, which is ridiculous as I am 34 years old and not an NYU student.

My common sense took precedent but I still called bullshit on what he was saying, he just got angrier and angrier, he was ready for an altercation. I told him I'm leaving I'm not getting in a fight with a bouncer that can't do his job of watching the door.

A bouncer picking a fight with the customers is totally unacceptable. End of story., thank you.