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November 14, 2016

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Six-Gun is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family.
Careful where you're pointing that, it might go off!

The name Six-Gun isn't just metaphoric; this Autobot soldier is literally a walking, talking mass of weaponry. Six-Gun is one of Metroplex's autonomous troops, and is composed of six of the city-bot's guns. Along with Scamper and Slammer, he helps patrol and defend Metroplex's interior and periphery. Like his partners, he is mentally linked to Metroplex, and shares a similar personality. Perhaps befitting a living artillery battery, Six-Gun tends to be a bit more blustery and belligerent than his teammates.


Generation 1 cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Maurice LaMarche (English), Yoku Shioya (Japanese), Michael Rüth (German)
Darn tootin'!

Six-Gun was part of Metroplex's investigation into the disappearance of Fort Knox after "dinosaur transform static" was found at the scene of the crime. When Sky Lynx objected to being grouped together with the Dinobots, Six-Gun pointed out that he had dinosaur electrons inside of him. However, Perceptor revealed that the energon cubes found at Fort Knox were made of a Decepticon formula, and Six-Gun realized that Trypticon must have been the real culprit. Thief in the Night

The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers

TheTransformersManga3 SixGun.jpg

After an attack on Autobot City by Trypticon, things were looking pretty bad for Metroplex and especially bad for all the Autobots and humans inside him. With Scamper having been dispatched and Full-Tilt prepared to deliver the finishing blow with the Brunt tank, Ultra Magnus at last ordered Six-Gun into action.

Despite being made entirely out of guns, Six-Gun chose to resolve the issue by punching Full-Tilt in the face. He then proceeded to commandeer the Brunt tank and blast Trypticon with it. With Trypticon's controls being destroyed, Galvatron ordered the Decepticons to retreat. The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers #3

Wars comics

Six-Gun was stationed at Metrobase in Earth orbit at some point after 2035. When Metrotitan plowed through Metrobase to attack Scramble City, Six-Gun alerted his fellow comrades at the city of what happened to Metrobase. Metrowars

Kre-O comic

Six-Gun Kreon.JPG

Six-Gun was at the newly constructed Autobot base, Metroplex. Two Giant Bases! Everybody Getting Along, Come On, Fight!


Generation 1

Why doesn't anyone wanna give me a high-five? I ain't gonna fire.
  • Metroplex (Autobot City, 1986)
    • Japanese ID number: C-70
Six-Gun only came with Metroplex, as he was composed of both of Metroplex's larger guns (forming the legs), both smaller guns (forming the arms), a tower (forming the body), and a tower top piece (forming the chestplate). An additional gun can be plugged in a peghole on his arm. This leaves Metroplex underarmed, and Six-Gun a bit overkill. Of course, the combination doesn't obstruct the rifles' pegs, meaning he can be used as a collossal super-gun. Six-Gun was later redecoed into Metroshot.


  • Six-Gun presents some very big scale problems. Most portrayals of Metroplex show him as hundreds or even thousands of feet tall. Accordingly, Six-Gun—composed of weapons that are scaled for Metroplex's use—should be pretty gargantuan himself, but he's shown as a normal-sized Transformer. No fiction has ever attempted to reconcile this oddity.
  • Like most comic-original Kreons, Kre-O Six-Gun is made up of existing Kreon parts. He wears Soundwave's helmet, Onslaught's twin cannon backpack, and Starscream's clip-on arm guns.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Six-Gun (シックスガン Shikkusugan)
  • French: Sextuplo (Canada)
  • Russian: Shestizaryadnik (Шестизарядник, "Sixshot")