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June 15, 2016

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Collection England/Wales Birth, Marriage & Death Records 1841 England & Wales Census 1851 England & Wales Census 1861 England & Wales Census 1871 England & Wales Census 1881 England & Wales Census 1891 England & Wales Census 1901 England & Wales Census 1940 US Census A Brief Genealogy of the Baldwins A Burch Book Comprising a General Study of the Burch Ancestry in America and a Specific Record of the Descendants of Jonathan Burtch of the Sixth Generation and His Good Wife Sally Hosford A Collection of Family Records of the House of Douglass and Allied Families A Comstock Genealogy Descendants of William Comstock of New London Connecticut A Crum Family in America Revised Historical Information Genealogical Data Coat of Arms A Frisian Family the Banta Genealogy Descendants of Epke Jacobse who Came from Friesland Netherlands to New Amsterdam February 1659 A Genealogical Account of the Family of Bisshop or Bishop Erst of Tillington Court, County Hereford A Genealogical and Biographical Account of One Branch of the Dayton Family in America A Genealogical History of the Ancestors and Descendants of General Robert Bogardus A Genealogical History of the Bertolet Family: The Descendants of Jean Bertolet A Genealogical History of the Cassell Family in America Being the Descendants of Julius Kassel A Genealogical History of the Clark & Worth families and other Puritan settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony A Genealogical History of the Dupuy Family A Genealogical Record of one Branch of the Donaldson Family in America A Genealogical Record of the Davis Swann and Cabell Families of North Carolina and Virginia A Genealogical Record of the descendants of Benjamin Chamberlain, of Sussex County, New Jersey A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Brown, Runyon, Peters, Needham and Ackerman Families A Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Andrew and Anna Christina Palmer Cook_1769-1970 A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America A Genealogy of Asa Bacon a Native of Wrentham Massachusetts also a Condensed Report of His English Ancestry A Genealogy of Benjamin Cleveland, a Great-Grandson of Moses Cleveland, of Woburn, Massachusetts and a Native of Canterbury Windilam Country Connecticut A Genealogy of Charles Carlson and Caroline Marie Haas Utah Immigrants A Genealogy of James Bullock and mary Hill, Latter Day Saint Pioneers A Genealogy of Moses and Susanna Coates Who Settled in Pennsylvania in and their Descendants 1717 A Genealogy of the Buford Family in America A Genealogy of the Coles and Allied Families A Genealogy of the Curtiss Family Being a Record of the Descendants of Widow Elizabeth Curtiss A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Bartlett of Newton, Massachusetts for Seven Generations A Genealogy of the Duke Shepherd Van Metre Family A Genealogy of the Eight Brewster Cousins of Northern Ohio and their Descendants A Genealogy of the Family of Devereaux of the Line of Jonathan Devereaux A Genealogy of the Family of Lieut. Samuel Benjamin and Tabitha Livermore, His Wife A General History of the Burr Family with a Genealogical Record from 1193-1902 A History and Genealogy of the Families of Bulloch and Stobo and of Irvine of Cults A History of the Cobb Family A History of the Cobb Family Part IV: Boston Family A History of the Cupit Family A Hoosier Register The Descendants of Daniel Clark and Mary Clark Noftsger Perry A Partial Record of the Descendants of Walter Briggs of Westchester, New York A Record of Descendants of John Baldwin of Stonington Connecticut with Notices of Other Baldwins Who Settled in America in Early Colonial Times A Record of the Births Marriages and Deaths of the Descendants of John Conger of Woodbridge NJ A Record of the Blakes of Somersetshire: Especially in the Line of William Blake, of Dorchester, Massachusetts the Emigrant to New England, with One Branch of His Descendants A Record of the Descendants of John Clark of Farmington, Connecticut A Record of the Descendants of Robert Dawson of East Haven Connecticut A Short Biography of the Rev John Cotton of Boston and a Cotton Genealogy of his Descendants A Sketch of the Duncklee Family and A History of the Descendants of David Duncklee Aaron Bartlett of Brookfield Revolutionary Soldier With Some of his Descendants ABBE-ABBEY Genealogy Abell Family in America Abernathy Genealogy Abstracts of English Records Gathered Principally in Devonshire and Essex Account of the Buck Family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania Ackerman Family Association Adair History and Genealogy Additional Baskerville Genealogy: A Supplement to the Author's Genealogy of the Baskerville Family of 1912 Akers Family Alden Fuller Record Aldermans in America Alexander Clark, Loyalist Alexanders of Maine Allen Genealogy Allen History and Genealogy Allen Memorial Second Series-Descendants of Samuel Allen Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina Alva Cook and Lydia Cooper Their Ancestors and Descendants Ames Family Bruton Somerset England An Account of John Burbeen who Came from Scotland and Settled at Woburn, Massachusetts about 1660-1799 An Account of Some of the Descendants of Captain Thomas Brattle An Account of the Descendants of John Bridge Cambridge 1632 An American Family Botsford-Marble Ancestral Lines An Historical and Genealogical Record of Isaac Brockbank Sr Ancestors and Descendants of Adams Ancestors and Descendants of Calvert Crary and his Wife, Eliza Hill, Liberty, New York Ancestors and Descendants of Isaac Alden and Irene Smith Ancestors and Descendants of James and George Ashford Jr Ancestors and Descendants of John Coney, of Boston England and Boston, Massachusetts Ancestors and Descendants of Jonathan Abell Ancestors and Descendants of Morris A Bradley Ancestors and Descendants of Philip Bullen of Jersey, England, and Charlestown, Massachusetts Ancestors and Descendants of Richard Dunham and His Wife Laura Allen Warren Pennsylvania Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Brown of Madison County New York-1768-1850 Ancestors of Benjamin Ferris Blakeney and His Wife Stella Peronne Sabin Ancestors of Charles Dana Bigelow and his Wife Eunice Ann Howe Ancestors of Florence Julia Brown and Some of Their Descendants Ancestors of Frank Herbert Davol and his Wife Phebe Downing Willits Ancestors of Jerry Crary and his wife Laura Antoinette Dunham of Warren, Pennsylvania Ancestral Lines of the Doniphan Frazee and Hamilton Families Ancestral Lines of Thomas Judd Cory Clarence Richard Cory John Harry Cory Ancestry and Descendants of William Curtis of Marcellus New York Ancestry of Edward Wales Blake and Clarissa Matilda Glidden with Ninety Allied Families Ancestry of Lorenzo Ackley and his wife Emma Arabella Bosworth Anderson Family Records Anderson from the Great Fork of the Patuxent Andrews Family Descendants Annals of the Boodeys in New England Together with Lessons of Law and Life from John Eliot the Apostle to the Indians Anniversary Edition the Dolman Compendium_1340-1940 Antrobus Pedigrees Persons Armistead Family 1635 - 1910 Arnold, Redway, and Earle Families Asahel Blodgett of Hudson and Dorchester New Hampshire His American Ancestors and His Descendants Ashbaugh Weller Memoir and Genealogical Workbook Ashley Genealogy - A History of the Descendants of Robert Ashley Aspinwall and Aspinall Families 1189-1923 Aspinwall Genealogy Auchmuty Family of Scotland and America Averys of Groton Genealogical and Biographical Babcock Genealogy Bacon Genealogy Michael Bacon of Dedham 1640 and his Descendants Badger and Tankard Families of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Bailey Genealogy James John and Thomas and Their Descendants Baird and Beard Families A Genealogical Biographical and Historical Collection of Data Ballard and Allied Families Ballard Genealogy the Descendants of Israel Ballard 1748-1810 and Alice Fuller 1751-1796 Ballard Genealogy: William Ballard 1603-1639 of Lynn, Massachusetts and William Ballard 1617-1689 of Andover, Massachusetts and Their Descendants Barclay Genealogy: The Barclays of New York Who they are and Who they are not and Some Other Barclays Barcroft Family Records: An Account of the Family in England and the Descendants of Ambrose Barcroft the Emigrant of Solebury, Pennsylvania Barger Genealogy: The Barger Journal Nec Quaerere Nec Spernere Honorem 1924 Barksdale Family History and Genealogy Barney Genealogy: Barney-Hosmer 1634-1635 Barone Grafen and Herren Von Alten Barroll in Great Britain and America 1554-1910 Beall Colonial Families of the United States Descended from the Immigrants Bennett and Allied Families Addenda to Bullard and Allied Families Bent Genealogy Family Who Begot Thee Some Genealogical and Historical Notes Made in an Effort to trace the American Progenitors of One Individual Living in America in 1903. Bi-Centenary Memorial of Jeremiah Carter Who Came to the Province of Pennsylvania 1682 Binford Family Genealogy Biographical Sketch od Dea. Timothy Boardman Blackman and Allied Families Blacksheariana Genealogy History Anecdotes Blairs of Richmond, Virginia: The Descendants of Reverend John Durburrow Blair and Mary Winston Blair, His Wife Blanchards of Rhode Island Blatchford Memorial II a Genealogical Record of the Family of Rev Samuel Blatchford D D with some Mention of Allied Families Bogue and Allied Families Bolton Families in Ireland with their English and American Kindred Based in part upon original records which no longer exist Bond Genealogy: A History of the Descendants of Joseph Bond Booth Genealogy: Including Allied Families Representing the American Ancestry in the Booth Line of the Compiler Bouton, Boughton and Farnam Families Bowne Family of Flushing Long Island Boyd-Patterson Ancestry Brewer Genealogy Briggs Family Records Brown Genealogy of A Virginia Heritage Bryant Family History: Ancestry and Descendants of David Bryant (1756) Bullard and Allied Families: The American Ancestors of George Newton Bullard and Mary Elizabeth Bullard Bullock Twigs and Branches Burgess Genealogy Kings County, Nova Scotia, Branch of the Descendants of Thomas and Dorothy Burgess who Came from England in 1630 and Settled in Sandwich, Massachusetts Butlers and Kinsfolk: Butlers of New England and Nova Scotia and Related Families of Other Names, Including Durkees, Descendants of Lieut. William and Sarah (Cross) Butler of Ipswich, Massachusetts and of Eleazer 1st and Lydia (Durkee) Butler of Ashford, Connecticut and Yarmouth N. S. Caleb Benton and Sarah Bishop their Ancestors and their Descendants Captain John Avery Carter a Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Carter of Reading and Weston Massachusetts Casper Branner of Virginia and his Descendants Caudebec in America A Record of the Descendants of Jacques Caudebec_1700-1900 Certain Early Ancestors: Genealogies of the Butterfields of Chelmsford, Massachusetts of the Parkers of Woburn and Chelmsford, Massachusetts of the Hohns of Ontario, Canada of the Johnsons of Roxbury, Massachusetts and of the Heaths of Haverhill Massachusetts Chandler Parsons: Edmond Chaundeler, Geoffrey Parsons, and Allied Families Charles County Gentry a Genealogical History of six Emigrants Chisolm Genealogy Being a Record of the Name From 1254 with Short Sketches of Allied Families Chisolm Genealogy: Being a Record of the Name From 1254 with Short Sketches of Allied Families Chittenden Family: William Chittenden of Guilford, Connecticut and his Descendants Chouteau Family Creoles of St Louis Clarke Clark Genealogy: Records of the Descendants of Thomas Clarke, Plymouth 1623-1697 Clarke's Kindred Genealogies a Genealogical History of Certain Descendants of Clarke Family Clement Briggs of Plymouth Colony and his Descendants 1621-1965 Coe-Ward Memorial and Immigrant Ancestors Coke of Trusley in the County of Derby and Branches Therefrom a Family History Collections Relating to the Family of Crispe Abstracts of Wills and Administrations_1510-1760 Colver-Culver Genealogy Descendants of Edward Colver of Boston Dedham and Roxbury Massachusetts Comly Family in America Descendants of Henry and Joan Comly Commodore Joshua Barney Concerning Some of the Ancestors and Descendants of Royal Denison Belden and Olive Cadwell Belden Concerning the Cortright and Webber Families in America Conrad Emery and His Descendants Continuing the Line of Doty Lawrence Family as Found in Doty Doten Family Cordell Records A Virginia Family Covert Ancestry Cowdrey-Cowdery-Cowdray Genealogy: William Cowdery of Lynn, Massachusetts, and his Descendants 1630 Craun Family in America and its Connection with Other Families Crawford and Allied Families Brent, Curd, Daugan, Kindrick, Perkins 1540-1971 Creoles of St Louis Darden Family History with notes on Ancestry of Allied Families Data on the History of the Cave Family Davidson Genealogy Davis Families of Early Roxbury and Boston De Camp Genealogy Laurent De Camp of New Utrecht New York 1664 and his Descendants Deacon George Clark E of Milford, Connecticut and Some of his Descendants Deacon George Clarke of Milford Connecticut and Some of His Descendants DeArmond Families of America Denison Genealogy Ancestors and Descendants of Captain George Denison Derby Genealogy Being a Record of the Descendants of Thomas Derby of Stow Massachusetts Descendants of Andrew Dewing of Dedham Massachusetts Descendants of Captain Samuel Church of Churchville Descendants of Daniel Alden Descendants of Deacon Samuel and Ann Bass Descendants of Governor William Bradford through the First Seven Generations Descendants of Isaac Bradley of Branford and East Haven Connecticut 1650-1898 Descendants of Job Atterbury Descendants of John Adsit Descendants of John and Mary Coolidge of Watertown, Massachusetts 1630 Descendants of John Arew Descendants of John Cox Descendants of Joseph Easton Hartford Connecticut_1636-1899 Descendants of Mordecai Cooke Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson Descendants of Nicholas Cady of Watertown Massachusetts_1645-1910 Descendants of Otto Henrich Wilhelm Brinkman Descendants of Polly and Ebenezer Alden Descendants of Thomas Dakin of Concord Massachusetts and Rev Simon Dakin of North East New York Descendants of William Duncan Dew Wills and Administrations In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Dexter Genealogy Being a History of the Descendants of Richard Dexter_1642-1904 Dickerman Genealogy Descendants of Thomas Dickerman an Early Settler of Dorchester Massachusetts Dinwiddie Family Records with especial attention to the line of William Walthall Dinwiddie Distinguished Families in America: Descended from Wilhelmus Beekman and Jan Thomasse Van Dyke Documents and Genealogical Chart of the Family of Benjamin Du Bois of Catskill New York_1875 Dodge Genealogy Descendants of Tristram Dodge Dr. William Burnet and His Sons Jacob, Isaac and David: A chart of Their Forefathers and Descendants in America 1640-1938 Drake Genealogy in the Line of Samuel Drake of Lower Smithfield Township Northampton Du Mont de Soumagne and Allied Families Du Pont Romance a Reminiscent Narrative of E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company DuBose Genealogy DuBose Genealogy Supplement-I_1689-1972 Duncombes in America with some Collateral Lineages DuVals of Kentucky from Virginia Descendants and Allied Families_1794-1935 Early Records of the Name of Elkington Edward Antill and His Descendants Elenore C Custer her Family and Connections Eliab Alden-Persons Emile Arthaud Family Families of Virginia Chappelear George Warren Chappelear Harrisonburg, Virginia Family History 1470-1933 Blood Cabot Hicks Gould and Allied Branches Family History and Genealogy of Robert Augur Family History of Aaker Saga Family of Asa Allcott Family Record of Deacons James W Converse and Elisha S Converse Genealogical Account of the Ancestors in America of Joseph Andrew Kelly Campbell Genealogical and Biographical of Anderson Family Genealogical History of Alger Family Genealogical History of Allen Family Genealogical Information Regarding the Families of Brubaker, Bomberger, Fogelsanger and Various Related Families Genealogical Memoirs of the Family of Robert Burns and of the Scottish House of Burnes 1877 Genealogical Memoranda Relating to the Family of Dade of Suffolk Genealogical Notes of the Carpenter Family Including the Autobiography, and Personal Reminiscences of Dr Seymour D Carpenter Genealogical Notes on Some of the Descendants of George Dearing from County Devon England Genealogical Notes on the Ancestry and Descendants Genealogical Notes on the Ancestry and Descendants of Lester Delos Genealogical Record and History of the Bittner-Werley Families: Descendants of Michael Bittner Sebastian Werley 1753-1930 Genealogical Record of Nathaniel Babcock, Simeon Main, Isaac Miner, Ezekiel Main Genealogical Record of the Condit Family Descendants of John Cundit Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John Brownell 1773-1903 Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Thomas Brownell 1619-1910 Genealogical Register of Atwater Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Abbot Genealogical Sketches of Roger Alling Genealogy and Family History of the Descendants of John Clarke of Wenham Massachusetts Genealogy and History of the Daniel Dod Family in America_1646-1940 Genealogy Brush-Bowers Genealogy History of Almy Family Genealogy of Abell Family Genealogy of Alden family and his Alden Ancestors and His Descendants Genealogy of Alice Lofthouse and Benjamin Dean Genealogy of Brace Lineage Genealogy of Descendants of Col John Davis of Oxford Connecticut Genealogy of Johannes Baer 1749-1910 Genealogy of John Adams and His Descendants Genealogy of Rasselas Wilcox Brown and Mary Potter Brownell Brown Their Descendants and Ancestral Lines Genealogy of Samuel Allen Genealogy of some of the Descendants of Thomas Dew Colonial Virginia Pioneer Immigrant Genealogy of the Ainsworth Family Genealogy of the Allen Family 1568-1882 Genealogy of the Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Chase who Died in Swanzey his Wil Proved 1725 Genealogy of the Ayres Family Genealogy of the Barton Family of the Town of Marshall, Oneida County, New York Genealogy of the Bisbee Family: Descendants of Thomas Bisbeech (Bisbee) of Scituate, Duxbury and Sudbury, Massachusetts Genealogy of the Cadle Family Including the English Descent Genealogy of the Carney Family Descendants of Mark Carney and Suzanne Goux Genealogy of the Claflin Family being a Record of Robert Mackclothlan of Wenham, Massachusetts and of his Descendants 1661-1898 Genealogy of the Cloyd Basye and Tapp Families in America Genealogy of the Coffinberry Family Descendants of George Lewis Coffinberry_1760-1851 Genealogy of the Cornell Family Being an Account of the Descendants of Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth, Rhode Island Genealogy of the Dart Family in America Genealogy of the De Carpentier family of Holland Genealogy of the Dean Family Descended from Ezra Dean of Plainfield Connecticut Genealogy of the Descendants of Alexander Alvord Genealogy of the Descendants of Anthony Collamer of Scituate, Massachusetts Genealogy of the Descendants of John Deming of Wethersfield Connecticut Genealogy of the Descendants of Lawrence and Mary Antisell Genealogy of the Descendants of Nathaniel Clarke of Newbury Massachusetts Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Austin Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell Genealogy of the Dexter Family in America Descendants of Thomas Dexter Genealogy of the Dickey Family Genealogy of the Evans Family the Virginia Biddles and other Related Families Genealogy of the John Pleasant Burton Family Genealogy of the Philadelphia Branch of the Damon Family of Massachusetts Genealogy of William Allis and Descendants Genealogy of William and Mary Conley Agan George Bowie of Stirlingshire Scotland and Boston and Truro Massachusetts His Ancestry and Descendants Giles Badger and his Descendants First Four Generations and A Portion of the Fifth Sixth and Seventh Generations Giles Carter of Virginia Genealogical Memoir Henry Adams Historical Record of the Posterity of William Black who Settled in this Country in the Year 1775 History and Genealogical Record of the Alling Allens History and Genealogy of the Burgner Family in the United States of America as Descended from Peter Burgner A Swiss Emigrant of 1734 History and Genealogy of the Carpenter Family in America_1637-1901 History and Genealogy of the Collins Family of Caroline County Virginia and Related Families 1569-1954 History and Genealogy of the DeTurk DeTurck Family Descendants of Isaac DeTurk History and Genealogy of the Espy Family in America History and Genealogy of the Jacob Banghart Family New Jersey Tercentenary Edition 1664-1964 History of Robert Chaffin and His Descendants and of the Other Chaffins in America History of Some Aikin Eakin Families History of the Addington Family in United States and England History of the Alison or Allison Family History of the Allerton Family History of the Ball Family Genealogy of the New Haven Branch Allen Ball and some of His Descendants 1638-1864 History of the Boyd Clan and Related Families History of the Boyd Family and Descendants with Historical Sketches 1740-1912 History of the Bunn Family of America Increase Blake of Boston, His Ancestors and Descendants with a Full Account of William Blake of Dorchester Index to Allens Jacob Benson, Pioneer and his Descendants: In the towns of Dover and Armenia Dutchess County, New York and Elsewhere Jacob Clark of Abbeville, South Carolina and Some of his Descendants James Dougall of Glasgow and His Descendants Through Dougall and McDougall Lines Jeremy Adams of Mass and Conn including his Descendants John Briggs of Sandwich Massachusetts and His Descendants John Bull of Perkiomen Early Philadelphia County now Montgomery County Pennsylvania and His Descendants 1674-1930 John Burgwin Carolinian, John Jones, Virginian Their Ancestors and Descendants Kimble and Elvina Adams and Some of their Descendants Kith and Kin Containing Genealogical Data of the Dixon Families Lineage of Alland Cameron Duggins and his Wife Clarice Isabella Henson Loyalist Clarks Badgleys and Allied Families Memoirs of Matthew Clarkson of Philadelphia 1735-1800 Memoranda Concerning the Family of Bispham in Great Britain and the United States of America Middlesex Virginia Daniel Descendants Nathaniel Crocker His Descendants and Ancestors 1758-1855 Notable Southern Families the Doak Family Notes on the Ancient Cheshire Families of Bennett of Saughall Massey and Bennett of Barnston: With Their Collateral Branches. Notes on the Genealogy of the Biddle Family One Branch of the Abell Family Showing the Allied Families One Branch of the Booth Family: Showing the lines of Connection with One Hundred Massachusetts Bay Colonists One Branch of the Coolidge Family_1427-1963 Other Bullards a Genealogy: Supplementary to Bullard and Allied Families Our Brokaw-Bragaw Heritage Our Burnley Ancestors and Allied Families Our Pioneer Ancestors Genealogical and Biographical Histories of the Cox-Stout Families Pedigree of the Family of Biscoe Pioneers of French Canada and Detroit they Came they Settled they Flourished Record of the Descendants of John and Elizabeth Bull Early Settlers in Pennsylvania Record of the Posterity of Joseph Smith Black and Nancy Cynthia Allred Black Records of a Family of the House of Alexander Records of Aldridge Family Records of Some of the Descendants of Thomas Clarke, Plymouth 1623-1697 Records of the Bailey Family Descendants of William Bailey of Newport Rhode Island Chiefly in the live of His Son Hugh Bailey of East Green with Rhode Island Records of the Descendants of Hugh Clark of Watertown, Massachusetts 1640-1866 Richard Clarke of Rowley Massachusetts and His Descendants_1638-1904 Richard Curtice Master Mariner the Genealogy of Richard Curtice of Salem Massachusetts Robert Ayars and His Descendants Robert Coates of Lynn Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants Robert Coe, Puritan his Ancestors and Descendants 1340-1910 Samuel Carpenter and His Descendants Seven Ancestral Lines: Bronsdon, Brown Clark, Conner, Cotting, Greenough, Munro and Sanborn Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase Simon Crosby the Emigrant: His English Ancestry, and Some of his American Descendants Some Account of the Cone Family in America, Principally of the Descendants of Daniel Cone Who Settled in Haddam, Connecticut 1662 Some Ancestors of Moses Bancroft and Some of His Descendants Some Boone Descendants and Kindred of the St Charles District Some Chronicles of the Cory Family Some Colonial Families of Avery Brewster Mills Morgan Smith Starr Stewart Tracy Some Descendants of Hans David Billman of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, and Related Families Some Descendants of Isaac Amsden Some Descendants of Robert Dennis of Portsmouth Rhode Island Some Descendants of Samuel Comstock of Providence, Rhode Island Some Descendants of William Dickson and Elizabeth Campbell of Cherry Valley New York Some of the Descendants of John Michael Dubendorf_1695-1778 Some of the Green Brantley 1795-1858 Descendants Southern Kith and Kin Vol-11 the Davis Family and Their Connections Southern Kith and Kin Vol-4 Story of Arndts Family Supplement to Blatchford Memorial II Presenting a Genealogical Record of the Family of Eliphalet Wickes Blatchford 1912-1947 Supplement to History and Genealogy of the Jacob Banghart Family Ten Generations of Blodgett in America The Allen Memorial First Series Descendants of Edward Allen The Ancestors and Descendants of Veranus Brownell Itinerant Methodist Preacher The Ancestors of Arthur Orison Dillon and His Poems The Ancestors of My Children and Other Related Children of the Generations Living in the Morning The Ancestry and Allied Families of Nathan Blake 3rd and Susan Torrey Blake The Ancestry and Descendants of Frederick Tracy Camp and his wife Marion Fee The Ancestry and Descendants of John and Jane Ann Lounsbery Davenport of Ulster County New York The Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Davis of Norway New York_1773-1865 The Ancestry of Jesse Cook and his Descendants The Ancestry of Lavern Bordwell 1928 The Ancestry of Leander Howard Crall The Babbitt Family History 1643-1900 The Babson Genealogy 1637-1930 The Babson Genealogy 1637-1977 Descendants of Isabel Babson who arrived at Salem Massachusetts in 1637 The Ball Family of Southwest Virginia: A Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Moses Ball of Fairfax County The Ballous in America An Addendum to the Original History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America The Balls of Fairfax and Stafford in Virginia The Barry Family Records Volume-I Captain Charles Barry and his Descendants The Bartletts. Ancestral, Genealogical, Biographical Historical The Baskins Family: South Carolina-Pennsylvania with Stephens and Martin Notes The Baxter Family Descendants of George and Thomas Baxter of Westchester County New York The Beaman and Clark Genealogy: A History of the Descendants of Gamaliel Beaman and Sarah Clark of Dorchester and Lancaster, Massachusetts 1635-1909 The Beatys of Kingston The Belcher Family in England and America. Comprehending a Period of Seven Hundred and Sixty-five years with the Descendants of Adam Belcher The Bell Family of Mifflin County Pennsylvania the Ancestors and Descendants of John Henderson Bell of Decatur Township 1941 The Bemis History and Genealogy: Being an Account in Greater Part of the Descendants of Joseph Bemis of Watertown, Massachusetts The Benjamin Blackburn Family and notes on Blackburns in America 1942 The Bennett Book A Family History The Bennett Family of Sussex County Delaware 1680-1860 The Bent Family in America. Being Mainly a Genealogy of the Descendants of John Bent Who Settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts in 1638 The Berkshire Vermont Chaffees and their Descendants_1801-1911 The Beverley Family of Virginia: Descendants of Major Robert Beverley 1641-1687 and Allied Families The Beville Family of Virginia, Georgia, and Florida, and Several Allied Families, North and South The Bierer-Berry Family: A Record of the Descendants of John and Barbara Bierer Together with Brief Accounts of the Holtzinger-Holtzer Family and the Mull Family The Billingsley Family Billingsly-Billingslea in America The Blair-Moffett Families a History and Genealogy between the years 1600 and 1935 The Bliss Book The Bogart Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and his Descendants The Bolich Family in America with Genealogies The Boltons of Old and New England with a Genealogy of the Descendants The Bontecou Genealogy A Record of the Descendants of Pierre Bontecou a Huguenot Refugee from France in the Line of His Sons The Bottum Longbottom Family Alburm An Historical and Biographical Genealogy The Bourne Genealogy The Bournes Families of Ireland The Bowmans A History of Hans Dieterick Bauman and His Descendants The Boydstun Family The Boynton Family A Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton who Emigrated from Yorkshire in 1638 and Settled at Rowley Essex County Massachusetts The Brewster Genealogy 1566-1907 A Record of the Descendants of William Brewster of the Mayflower Ruling Elder of the Pilgrim Church which Founded Plymouth Colony in 1620 The Brinton Genealogy: A History of William Brinton who Came from England to Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1684 The Bromwell Genealogy Including Descendants of William Bromwell and Beulah Hall The Brown Family History Tracing the Clark Brown Line The Buckners of Virginia and the Allied Families of Strother and Ashby The Buffington Family in America The Bulkeley Genealogy Rev Peter Bulkeley Being an Account of his Career his Ancestry the Ancestry of his two Wives and his Relatives in England and New England together with a Genealogy of his Descendants through the Seventh American Generation The Burke and Alvord Memorial: A Genealogical Account of the Descendants of Richard Burke of Sudbury, Mass The Burnett Genealogy The Burritt Family in America: Descendants of William Burritt of Stratford Connecticut 1635-1940 The Byron Chronicle a History of the Byron and Byrom Families 1066-1800 The Calland Family The Calls of Norfolk and Suffolk Their Paston Connections and Descendants The Calvin Families Origin and History of the American Calvins with a Partial Genealogy The Cantrill-Cantrell Genealogy A Record of the Descendants of Richard Cantrill, Who was a Resident of Philadelphia Prior 1689 The Capen Family: Descendants of Bernard Capen of Dorchester, Massachusetts The Carr Book Sketches of the Lives of Many of the Descendants of Robert and Caleb Carr The Carr Family Records Embacing the Record of the First Families The Carver Family of New England, Robert Carver of Marshfield and his Descendants The Cary Family in America The Catching and Holliday Families and Various Related Families in Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi and other Southern States The Chad Browne Memorial Consisting of Genealogical Memoirs of Portion of The Descendants of Chad and Elizabeth Browne with an Appendix Containing Sketches of Other Early Rhode Island Settlers 1638-1888 The Chaffee Genealogy: Embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Descendants of Thomas Chaffe 1635-1909 The Chamberlain Association of America Report of Annual Meetings Held in Boston Massachusetts 1908-1910 The Chipman Family A Genealogy of the Chipmans in America_1631-1920 The Chouteau Family A Genealogy of Descendants and Collateral Branches The Clark Family Genealogy in the United States A Genealogical Record 1541-1907 The Clendinen Myers and Mills Families and Various Related Families in the South The Cody Family Handbook Directory 1941 Descendants of Philip and Martha The Coggeshalls in America. Genealogy of the Descendants of John Coggeshall of Newport with a Brief Notice of Their English Antecedents The Conover Family The Conrad Clan Family of John Stephen Conrad Sr and Allied Lines The Cooley Genealogy, The Descendants of Ensign Benjamin Cooley The Cooper Family History and Genealogy 1681-1931 The Copeland Family A Copeland Genealogy The Cortelyou Genealogy A Record of Jaques Corteljou and of Many of his Descendants The Cory Family A Genealogy Collected and Arranged in order The Cox Family in America A History and Genealogy of the Older Branches of the Family The Crabtrees of Southwest Virginia The Crittenden-Tucker and Related Families The Crockett Family of New England_1632-1943 The Crowthers of Fountain Green Utah The Crum family Notes Concerning the Descendants of Anthony Crum Sr of Frederick County Virginia The Crumb Genealogy: Descendants of Daniel Crumb of Westerly, Rhode Island The Curd and Allied Families The Curd Family in America. 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or Coldwell of England, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Nova Scotia, Historical Sketch of the Family and Name and Record of his Descendants William Cross of Botetourt County Virginia and his Descendants_1733-1932 Zadock Bliss 1788-1853 and Keziah Haskins Bliss 1786-1851: Historical and Genealogical Records of their Descendants to 1951 Germans To America 1850-1897 Irish Immigrants: New York Port Arrival-Irish Famine 1846-1851 Italians to America 1855-1900 Russians To America 1834-1897 Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Register (Panama Canal Zone) 1906-1991 Japanese Americans Relocated During World War II 1942-1946 Korean War - Dead And Wounded Army Casualties 1950-1953 Korean War - Deceased Military Personnel 1950-1957 Vietnam War - Deceased Military Personnel 1956-2003 Vietnam War - Deceased, Wounded, Ill or Injured 1961-1981 Vietnam War - Died, Missing or Prisoners of War 1956-1998 Vietnam War Casualties - Returned Alive 1956-1998 World War II Prisoners of War 1941-1946 World War II Prisoners 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of Franklin County Virginia 1786-1789 Ancient Middlesex with Brief Biographical Sketches of the Men Who Have Served the County Annals of Augusta County Virginia Annals of Brookfield Fairfield County Connecticut Annals of Lincoln County North Carolina Annals of Oxford New York Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800 Biographical and Genealogical History of Wayne Fayette Union and Franklin Indiana Biographical and Genealogical Record La Salle County Illinois Biographical Annals of Cumberland County Pennsylvania Biographical Annals of Lancaster County Pennsylvania Biographical History of Westchester County New York Biographical Record of Chemung County New York Biographical Record of Many of the Prominent Residents of Steuben County New York Biographical Record of Schuyler County New York Biographical Review the Leading Citizens of Broome County New York Biographical Review Volume XXVI Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of New London County Connecticut Biographical Sketches of Dover Massachusetts Bristol Connecticut in the Olden Time New Cambridge which includes Forestville Calendar of Delaware Wills New Castle County 1682-1800 Calendar of Kent County Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800 Campbell Chronicles and Family Sketches Census Returns of Lewis County West Virginia 1850 Centennial History of Coshocton County Ohio-Vol-1 Centennial History of Coshocton County Ohio-Vol-2 Centennial History of Erie County New York Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa and Lafayette Wisconsin Das Neue Baltimore Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records-1 Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in the District of Columbia 1939 Documentary History of Suffield 1660-1749 Documentary History of Suffield in the Colony and Province of the Massachusetts Bay Early Generations of the Founders of Old Dunstable Thirty Families Early Marriage Records Clackamas County Wasco County Oregon Early Settlers of Alabama Early Settlers of Rowley Massachusetts Encyclopedia Vermont Biography 1912 English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records Establishment of the Original Counties of New Jersey Evolution of an Old New England Church First Census of the United States Vermont 1790 First Census of the United States Virginia 1790 Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties Maryland Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Chester and Delaware Counties Pennsylvania Genealogies and Sketches of Some Old Families Genealogy History of Wills Family Huntington County Indiana 1841-1879 Historical and Biographical Western North Carolina Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters Daughters American Revolution Historical Descriptive and Personal of Livermore in maine Historical Pictorial and Biographical Record of Chariton County Missouri Historical Sketches of the Discovery Settlement Coos Country and Vicinity Historical Sketh of the Town of Troy History and Biographical Record of Branch County Michigan History Mendocino County California History of Alameda History of Ancient Windsor Connecticut-1 History of Ashburnham Massachusetts History of Bergen County New Jersey History of Bergen County New Jersey 1630-1923 History of Bradford County Pennsylvania History of Bristol County Massachusetts with Biographical Sketches History of Butler County Alabama 1815-1885 History of Butler County Pennsylvania History of Central Washington History of Chester New Hampshire History of Chesterfield Cheshire County New Hampshire History of Clinton Maine History of Contra Costa County California History of Decatur County Iowa and its People Vol-II History of Elizabeth New Jersey Including the Early History of Union County History of Goodhue County Minnesota History of Gratiot County Michigan History of Greenbrier County History of Groton Connecticut 1705-1905 History of Herkimer County New York History of Hudson New Hampshire History of Iowa County Iowa and its People History of Klamath County Oregon History of Madison County Virginia History of Maritime Connecticut During the American Revolution 1775-1783 History of Marshall County History of Middlesex County New Jersey 1664-1920 History of Milford Connectitcut 1639-1939 History of Montville Connecticut History of Napa and Lake Counties California History of New Hanover County History of New London County Connecticut with Biographical Sketches History of Norfolk 1744-1900 History of North Central Ohio History of Northampton County Pennsylvania and the Grand Valley of the Lehigh History of Old Pendleton District History of Olmsted County Minnesota History of Oneida County New York from 1700 History of Ontario County New York History of Otter Tail County Minnesota History of Paris Maine History of Perquimans County History of Pickens County History of Rockbridge County Virginia History of Royalton Vermont with Family Genealogies 1769-1911 History of Rush County Indiana History of San Mateo County California History of Scott County Virginia History of Solano and Napa Counties California History of Spartanburg County History of St Clair County Michigan History of Summers County History of Tennessee History of the Cherokee Indians and Their legends and folk lore History of the Lake Huron Shore History of the Lower Shen Andoah Valley History of the Muhlenberg College and a Record of its Men History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri History of the Thirty-Seventh Regiment Massachusetts 1861-1865 History of the Town of Goshen Hampshire County Massachusetts History of the Town of Middlefield Massachusetts History of the Town of Newburgh History of the Town of Peterborough Hillsborough County New Hampshire History of the Town of Pittsford Vermont with Biographical Sketches and Family Records History of the Town of Rindge New Hampshire 1736-1874 History of the Town of Rockingham Vermont 1753-1907 History of the Town of Rockingham Vermont 1907-1957 History of The United Church of New Haven History of Torrington Connecticut History of Vernon County Wisconsin History of Volusia County Florida History of Warren County New Jersey History of Waterbury and the Naugatuck Valley Connecticut Vol-2 History of Waterbury and the Naugatuck Valley Connecticut Vol-3 History of Weymouth Massachusetts History of Whitakers Southold History of Wolfeborough New Hampshire Illustrated History of Baker Grant Malheur and Harney Counties Illustrated History of Los Angeles County California Illustrated History of the state of Montana Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750 Inventory of the Church and Synagogue Archives of Louisiana Jubilee History Lackawanna County Pennsylvania Lutheranism in Bucks County 1734-1934 Mammoth Cave and the Cave Region of Kentucky Marriage Bonds of Bedford County Virginia 1755-1800 Marriage Notices in Charleston Courier 1803-1808 Marriage Notices in the South Carolina Gazette 1732-1801 Marriage Records Lane County Oregon 1852-1869 Marriage Records of Baltimore County Maryland 1823-1826 Marriage Records of Chariton County Missouri Marriages of Orange County Virginia 1747-1810 Maryland Genealogical Notes Medical Memoirs of 50 Years in Kalamazoo Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York Men of Progress Indiana Methersfield Inscriptions Middletown A Biography Modern History of New London County Connecticut Moncks Corner Berkeley County South Carolina Municipality of Buffalo New York A History 1720-1923 Muskogee and Northeastern Oklahoma Narrative History of Dover Massachusetts Nelsons Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Fayette County Pennsylvania New Aberdeen or The Scotch settlement of Monmouth County New Jersey New Castle on the Delaware New Gloucester Centennial New Haven Vital Records New Homes in a New Land New York City During the American Revolution New York in the Revolution as Colony and State Newburgh Her Institutions Industries and Leading Citizens Historical Descriptive and Biographical Newton Garden City of the Commonwealth Niagara County New York Niagara Frontier A Narrative and Documentary History North Carolina Schools and Academies 1790-1840 North Carolina Wills and Inventories Notable Events in the History of Dover New Hampshire Notable Men of Tennessee Obituary Record of the Graduates of Bowdoin College and the Medical School of Maine Oderly Books of the Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780 Official History of Fulton County Ohio County Kentucky in the Olden Days Old Boston Days and Ways from the Dawn of the Revolution Until the Town Became a City Old Burying Ground of Fairfield Connecticut Old Charlestown Historical Biographical Reminiscent Old Houses of the Antient Town of Norwich 1660-1800 Old Jewish Cemeteries at Charleston South Carolina Old King William Homes and Families Old Landmarks and Historic Spots of Worcester Massachusetts Origins in Williamstown A History Our County and Its People a Descriptive and Biographical Record of Madison County New York Our County and Its People a Descriptive Work on Erie County New York Our County and Its People Bristol County Massachusetts Our County and Its People Jefferson County New York Past and Present of Syracuse and Onondaga County New York Pawlet for One Hundred Years Pennsylvania in the War of the Revolution Battalions and Line 1775-1783 People of Wallingford Personal Recollections and Civil War Diary 1864 Peterborough New Hampshire in the American Revolution Pictorial and Biographical Memoirs of Elkhart and St Joseph Counties Indiana Pictorial and Genealogical Record of Greene County Missouri Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County Pennsylvania 1770-1800 Pioneer History of the Champlain Valley Pioneer Irish of Onondaga 1776-1847 Pioneer Life in Dayton and Vicinity 1796-1840 Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield County Ohio Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County Virginia Pioneer Stories of Custer County Nebraska Pioneer Times in the Onondaga Country Pioneers on Maine Rivers Place Names of Salem County New Jersey Vol-2 Plymouth Memories of an Octogenarian Portrait and Biographical Album Fulton County Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album Isabella County Michigan Portrait and Biographical Album of Branch County Michigan Portrait and Biographical Album of Champaign County Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of De Witt and Piatt Counties Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of DeKalb County Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of Fulton County Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry County Iowa Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan Portrait and Biographical Album of Huron County Portrait and Biographical Album of Ingham and Livingston Counties Michigan Portrait and Biographical Album of Ionia and Montcalm Counties Michigan Portrait and Biographical Album of Jackson County Iowa Portrait and Biographical Album of Jo Daviess and Carroll Counties Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of Lee County Iowa Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of Sangamon County Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of Stephenson County Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion and Edgar Counties Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album of Woodford County Illinois Portrait and Biographical Album Osccola County Portrait and Biographical Record of Arizona Portrait and Biographical Record of Denver and Vicinity Colorado Portrait and Biographical Record of Genesee Lapeer and Tuscola Counties Michigan Portrait and Biographical Record of Hunterdon and Warren Counties New Jersey Portrait and Biographical Record of Lancaster County Pennsylvania Portrait and Biographical Record of Portland and Vicinity Oregon Portrait and Biographical Record of Randolph Jackson Perry and Monroe Counties Illinois Portrait and Biographical Record of Seneca and schuyler Counties New York Portrait and Biographical Record of St Clair County Illinois Portraits and Biographical Album Gratiot County Michigan Portraits and Biographical Record Muskegon and Ottawa Counties Michigan Portraits and Biographical Record of Northern Michigan Portraits and Biographies of the Governors of Iowa Portraits and Biographies of the Governors of Michigan Portraits and Biography of the Presidents of the USA Prominent Men of Staten Island 1893 Publications of the Brookline Historical Publication Society Issued in 1895 and 1896 Quincy and Adams County History and Representative Men Quincy in the Civil War Reading and Berks County Pennsylvania Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Army and Navy of the United States Record of the Orleans County Pioneer Association 1858-1905 Record of the Service of the Forty Forth Massachusetts Records of Great Choptank Parish Cambridge Maryland Records of Officers and Men of New Jersey in Wars 1791-1815 Records of the Births Marriages and Deaths Town of Hanover Massachusetts 1727-1857 Records of the Courts of Quater Sessions and Common Pleas of Bucks County Pennsylvania 1684-1700 Records of the First Church of Rockingham Vermont Records of the Proprietors of Narraganset Township no-1 Records of the Town of New Rochelle 1699-1828 Records of the Town of Plymouth Vol-3 1636 to 1705 Records of the Town of Smithtown Long Island New York Register of Commissioned Officers of the New Jersey Register of Marylands Heraldic Families Register of the Massachusetts Society of Colonial Dames of America 1893-1905 Reminiscences of Quincy Illinois Containing Historical Events Reminiscences of Saratoga Reminiscences of the Old Fire Laddies and Volunteer Fire Departments of New York and Brooklyn Reminiscences of Troy From its Settlement 1790-1807 Report of the Celebration of the Centennial of the Incorporation of the Town of Marlborough Report of the Proceedings at the Celebration Report of the Second Reunion Tri-State Old Settlers Association of Illnios Missouri Representative Men of Massachusetts 1890-1900 Revised Register of the Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire 1861-1866 Revolutionary Soldiers Resident or Dying in Onondaga County New York Rhode Island Court Records 1647-1662 Rhode Island Privateers in King Georges War 1739-1748 Romantic Days in Old Boston the Story of the City and of its People During the Nineteenth Century Rose Neighborhood Sketches Wayne County New York Salem County Wills Recorded in the Office of the Surrogate at Salem New Jersey Saybrook at the Mouth of the Connecticut Schenectady Ancient and Modern A Complete and Connected History Second Edition History of New Paltz New York Service of the Missouri National Guard on the Mexican Border Seven Generations A Story of Prattville and Chelsea Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County Virginia Shark River District Monmouth County New Jersey Shipping Days of Old Boothbay Silas Woods Sketch of the Town of Huntington L I Sketches of Books History Sketches of the Churches and Pastors in Hampden County Massachusetts Sketches of the First Emigrant Settlers in Newton Township Old Gloucester County West New Jersey Sketches of the Inter-Mountain States Sketches of the Old Inhabitants and Other Citizens of Old Springfield Sketches of Wethersfield Township 1836-1925 Skowhegan on the Kennebec Smyth County History and Traditions Social New York Under the Georges 1714-1776 Society of Montana Pioneers Society of Pioneers of Montgomery Some Michigan Vital Records Jackson and Arbor Michigan 1843-1848 Some Old Houses in Westborough Massachusetts and their Occupants Some Records of Pioneers of Delaware County Ohio Some Records of Sussex County Delaware Some Things About Coventry-Benton New Hampshire Some Virginia Families Being Genealogies Sons of the American Revolution South Carolina Historical Records South Carolinians in the Revolution St Botolph's Town an Account of Old Boston in Colonial Days Tales of an Old Sea Port Tax Lists of the Town of Providence 1686-1689 The First Book of Records of the Town of Southampton The History of Ancient Wethersfield Connecticut The History of Bell County The History of Guilford Connecticut from its First Settlement in 1639 The History of New Ipswich New Hampshire 1735-1914 The History of Orangeburg County South Carolina The History of Pittsylvania County Virginia The History of Putnam County New York The History of Ridgefield Connecticut The History of the Old Town of Derby Connecticut 1642-1880 The History of the Town of Marlborough Windham County Vermont The History of Wilbraham Massachusetts The Inhabitants of Woburn This History The Moravians in Georgia 1735-1740 The Natural History and the Topography of Groton Massachusetts The Niagara Frontier The Old Rockingham Meeting House Erected 1787 and the first Church in Rockingham Vermont 1773-1787 The Pilgrims of Boston and Their Descendants in the Granary Burial Ground Tremont Street The Pioneers of Unadilla Village 1784-1840 The Pioneers of Utica Being Sketches The Record of Andover During the Rebellion The Record of Athol Massachusetts The Record of the Town Meetings in the Town of Dedham Massachusetts 1887-1896 The Records of the Salem Commoners 1713-1739 The Redemption of New York The Refugees of Long Island to Connecticut 1776 The Romantic Story of the Mayflower Pilgrims and its Place in Life of To-Day The Siege of Charleston The Story of The Dining Fork The Story of the Fifteenth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War 1861-1864 The Story of Walpole 1724-1924 The Union Regiments of Kentucky These Bible Records were Collected by the Genealogical Records Committee Thirty-Sixth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Those I Have Met or Boys in Blue Three Centuries of Freeport Maine Town and Miscellaneous Records of Saybrook Connecticut Town Records of Manchester Transcription of County Archives of Mississippi Transcriptions of Early County Records of New Jersey Troys One Hundred Years 1789-1889 Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Newbury Brief Biographical Sketches Ulster County New York Probate Records Virginia Antiquary Volume I Princess Anne County Loose Papers 1700-1789 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Lower Norfolk County 1651-1654 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Northumberland County Records 1652-1655 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol XVII Richmond County Records 1704-1724 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Washington County Marriage Register 1782-1820 Vital Records of Connecticut Series1 Vital Records of Woodstock 1686-1854 Warners History of Dakota County Nebraska Watertown Records Comprising the Seventh Book of Town Proceedings 1792 Through 1809 Weiks History of Putnam County Indiana Wessagusset and Weymouth An Historical Address Westchester County in History Westchester County New York Biographical Western Massachusetts a History 1636-1925 Weymouth Ways and Weymouth People Reminiscences Where the Rivers Meet Wills and Family Histories Windham in the Past Wiscasset in Pownalborough Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut 1647-1697 Worcester Light Infantry A History 1803-1922