I Walked with a Zombie

Editors' review

July 5, 2016

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"Horror" pictures are enjoying a peculiar popularity the country over at the moment, according to box-office statistics, so it seems reasonable to assume that RKO has a safe bet in "I Walked With a Zombie," which opened yesterday to a packed house at the Rialto and, at one point, drew a horrified scream from a woman patron. It's just like the days of old when "The Bat" and "The Gorilla" were scaring audiences out of their wits, and "Frankenstein's Monster" was making the night hideous for children and the more impressionable oldsters.

Wit its voodoo rites and perambulating zombie, "I Walked With a Zombie" probably will please a lot of people. But to this spectator, at least, it proved to be a dull, disgusting exaggeration of an unhealthy, abnormal concept of life. If the Hays office feels it has a duty to protect the morals of movie-goers by protesting the use of such expressions as "hell" and "damn" in purposeful dramas like "In Which We Serve" and "We Are the Marines," then how much more important is its duty to safeguard the youth of the land from the sort of stuff and nonsense that their minds will absorb from viewing "I Walked With a Zombie"? ? ?

I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, screen play by Curt Siodmak and Ardel Wray; based on an original story by Inez Wallace; directed by Jacques Tourneur; produced by Val Lewton for RKO Radio Pictures.
Rand . . . . . James Ellison
Betsy . . . . . Frances Dee
Holland . . . . . Tom Conway
Mrs. Rand . . . . . Edith Barrett
Dr. Maxwell . . . . . James Bell
Jessica . . . . . Christine Gordon
Alma . . . . . Teresa Harris
Calypso Singer . . . . . Sir Lancelot
Carre Four . . . . . Darby Jones
Dancer . . . . . Jeni Le Gon